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Miniature American Shepherd's Journey into AKC

In May 2011, the parent club, formerly known as the North American Shepherd Club of the USA (NAMASCUSA), was chosen to represent the Miniature Australian Shepherd moving into AKC recognition.  NAMASCUSA was founded in 1990 as the original parent club for the Miniature Australian Shepherd.  The club maintained registrations for the Miniature Australian Shepherd, and hosted events to promote the breed.

Due to rules and controversies about the name Miniature Australian Shepherd and its use in AKC, the name Miniature American Shepherd was chosen by the members, and the club changed it's name to Miniature American Shepherd Club of the USA (MASCUSA).

The new breed is comprised of Miniature Australian Shepherds from MASCUSA recognized registries and thoroughly vetted registrations for entry into AKC confirming three generations of pedigrees and submitted the applications and verified pedigrees to AKC for registration under the new breed name.  At the same time, any registered Australian Shepherd owner, who felt they could be better served by registering as Miniature American Shepherds, were allowed to move from Australian Shepherd registration over to the MAS registration.

MASCUSA represents AKC Miniature American Shepherd breeders and owners across the US and also around the world.  The club is dedicated to promoting sound breeding practices and are dedicated to the improvement and advancement of the breed.  The club supports education for its members, judges, dog fanciers, and the general public and conducts AKC sanctioned competitive events including herding, conformation, obedience, agility, tracking, and rally.

MASCUSA also supports its members by encouraging the development of local and regional member clubs.  These regional clubs help promote the Miniature American Shepherd through participation at specialty shows, obedience trials, working trials, and performance events throughout the country.

The club and its members are very proud of these accomplishment, the breed and its breeders.  I personally look forward to representing the breed to its fullest potential.

Great Companions Bow the Knee (Tebow)  First Miniature American Shepherd in the AKC Miscellaneous Show Ring, June 28, 2012.  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma